Work Samples

Mike Stover | Documentation Manager


An overview of my work as a tech writer and help designer.

Samsung print & web docs

Click the links below to open PDF versions of my guides for TV customers and smart watch app developers.

Software guides

Click a link to see one of my Roxio user guides.

Online help

These links point to examples of help in the Reverb and WebWorks help formats.

Installed help

Click the link below to download a zipped subset of the Creator NXT help. Unzip the file then double-click EMCHome_NXT.chm to begin. (You may receive a warning that files downloaded from the Internet are potentially unsafe. You'll need to dismiss the warning to view the help files.)

Newspaper articles

A few things I wrote while working as a reporter and editor at The Tribune in San Luis Obispo.

Fun with HTML, CSS and Isotope